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Muse Hair

Discover how Hello Business helped Edinburgh's Muse Hair to dominate their competition in Google's local search results.

And made their website visits grow like this...

Meet Scott Finnigan. He has a beard, but he’s friendly, and cuts a mean hair.

He was, and still is, the owner of Muse Hair, a family-run hair salon in Leith, Edinburgh. Back in 2011 they were moving along nicely as a business, but their online presence wasn’t adding any value to their brand, and nor was it bringing in new customers. Time restrictions at work, an upcoming wedding and a young family meant that Scott had little time to dedicate to his online marketing efforts.

We had a chat, and Hello Business got underway creating a strong web presence for Muse.

The first step was to replace the existing Muse Hair website. The original site had been built using the Flash-based website builder called Weebly. Although it’s free, the nature of it does present some online marketing challenges – in terms of both its attractiveness to search engines (e.g. Google) and customer usability.

A sparkly new site

The new website build got underway – the new site was able to better reflect Muse Hair's brand vision and provide an improved user-experience to visitors. To boot, the site was primed to increase the hair salon’s visibility in Google.

Research, research, research

Next, Hello Business conducted keyword research to identify the search terms being used by potential customers looking for the hair services offered by Muse Hair (the perfect customer profile!).

This research provided the foundation for creating their new site’s structure and content strategy.
Quick awareness boosts through paid search advertising

At the start of this project, Muse wasn't appearing in Google’s top 50 listings for several key organic searches. But we wanted potential customers to see the new site straight away. To increase visibility, we ran paid search advertising campaigns in Google to help with brand awareness in the short term - while we performed ongoing work to improve the site’s ability to rank highly for organic searches in the long term.

The local search gold mine

Local search visibility was identified as a key target for the new site (around 50% of searches made in Google contain a localised search term, e.g. ‘hairdressers in Edinburgh’). To put Muse Hair on the Google Map, Hello Business conducted citation site listing activities to increase the ability of the site to rank for these golden nuggets of localised search terms.
Time for another graph

So, to the present day, and as you’d expect, this case study has been written because the outcome was positive. And nothing demonstrates positive outcomes better than a graph:

Monthly Website Visitor Numbers: October 2011 – May 2017:
What’s next for Muse Hair?

After Muse has been confirmed as the hairdressing juggernaut of Edinburgh, we expect they’ll probably take over the world. Meanwhile, the ongoing online marketing activities will help ensure potential customers continue to discover their brand, visit the salon, and return home with spiffing new hair-dos.

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